Saturday, December 13, 2008

deep breath in...

...and out

some days, okay, who am I kidding, MOST days, I have to implement a series of breathing exercises and repeat a mantra in order to make it through my shift. today's mantra:

it is not the customer's fault that you are dissatisfied with your life.

the amount of times i had to repeat that to myself (sometimes, i'll admit it, aloud) in order to remain calm, and not take my frustration out on the poor woman who just wanted me to tell her how much the teal sweater set was, is beyond sad.

other mantras include:

this is not your life
you will not assault the customers
i am developing an exit strategy
it takes strength to be gentle and kind

or i just think about puppies. cuddly adorable theoretical puppies. or, puppies that come with good looking men who like to spoon and do all the dog walking/poop picking up themselves

when that fails there's always chocolate
or drugs

which reminds me

if you're feeling kind of depressed watching sid & nancy followed shortly thereafter by slc punk! might not be the best of decisions.

who's up for a rousing good time of drugs and accidental death?

ah... warms the heart, doesn't it?

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