Tuesday, December 16, 2008

minty fresh failure

"Are brownies supposed to boil?"

Heh. Yeah. I said that last night. And it was awesome. And I mean that in the traditional, original meaning of the word, not in the "ohmygodit'slikesototallycool" usage. As in inspiring awe. Because nothing quite shocks and awes like opening your oven to find your brownies boiling.

Cuzcuz and I decided that chick flicks and chocolate were needed.
(we watched Muriel's Wedding btw.)

So, she stopped and shopped for a few baking essentials before swinging by my place.

Any normal chicks would have turned to one of the four vegan cookbooks in my kitchen for a recipe but not us. We chose to look up non-vegan recipes at foodnetwork.com and convert them ourselves because we just had to be clever and creative...

Cut to the boiling brownies.

And hours of laughter. Because those damn brownies were literally in the oven for hours. And it was hilarious. 

When we finally did remove them and dared to dream, jacki described them as being "somewhere between gum and shoes."

So, yeah, the peppermint brownies were a failure but sometimes failure can be fun and tasty

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