Monday, December 29, 2008

The Nostalgia Assault

About this time ten years ago I was fretting over college application essays (most of which I didn’t bother to write). The anniversary of this seems to have inspired an onslaught of nostalgia in my former classmates, leading them to friend request me on facebook. (They’ll never find me on myspace, I use a fake name. MWAHAHAHAA!!!)

A very few of these requests have inspired an ‘aww, I remember you.’ More have brought about an ‘um… and you are?’ response. While, most have caused a ‘Seriously? Cause you spoke all of 2 words to me in high school…’ I have kept these reactions to myself and graciously accepted their requests. I am nothing if not magnanimous.  I’m also vaguely curious and more than a little bit bored. Still not going to the reunion though.


I decided that today I would ready the query letters and sample pages for the next four agents that are going to reject me (2 of them want 50pp with the query letter, kill me now, please). So, of course, after about 5 minutes work on that it struck me that my room desperately needed cleaning. While half-heartedly attempting that I found a large album from my Sweet 16. The front half is signed by the people who were there. Apparently “7&8” was this epically hysterical inside joke that I shared with about 20 of my then BFFs. I have absolutely no idea what it means today. The second half is a series of collages I made from my cards. And you know what? I am freakin good at making collages. For realz. Sadly, doesn’t have any collagers wanted postings.


I keep turning around and looking forlornly at my printer.

I really should get to those queries.


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