Monday, March 23, 2009

Drunken Lullabies

This blog is late and comes in parts
*also, i'm too sleepy to spellcheck or seek out any grammatical or other errors, so, fingers crossed and all

1. The GRE
I can’t believe I paid $140 to sit in a cubicle feeling inferior for three hours. The good news is my test scores didn’t make me cry. The bad news, I don’t know, is there bad news? It was fine, actually. Which surprised me. I kinda imagined myself either skipping out of the test center singing songs of glee, or being carted away after collapsing into an inconsolable heap of misery and regret. I actually wound up getting almost exactly (it might actually be exactly) the same score on the GRE as I did on the SAT, which is tragically comedic.

2. Roadtrips
They’re awesome.

3. Irony
We managed to find a spot around the block from the hotel to park while we checked in and dropped our bags in the swanky-swank room Jax swindled for us with her insane amount of points. I stepped out of the car and read the marquee for the theatre across the street: “Morrissey 3/14” Yeah, Morrissey had a show AROUND THE BLOCK FROM MY HOTEL on the same night that I was in town to see Flogging Molly. Mmm hmm, that’s my life.

4. Death by Music
Would it really have been an Irish festival if everything had gone smoothly?

We didn’t bring coats because we knew we’d be rocking out later. So, of course, it rained. It wasn’t a downpour but a consistent, permeating drizzle that didn’t let up for the entire time we were there. The free beer helped. The music helped more. It’s a handy thing to have a cousin with good taste in music. I now heart the Aggrolites and heart Flogging Molly more than I did before. I need to gear up and psychologically prepare before the next FM show though. We were up front, part of the unstoppable ocean of awesomeness and bruising they call their fans, and I was holding my own (by which I mean, holding onto whatever or whomever I could hold on to so as not to fall down and be trampled to death) and wanting to be there, for about a song and a half when suddenly I flashed on a time in the not so near future when I was no longer holding my own and not so much wanting to be there as I was bleeding and broken and crying for me mum. Also, I almost lost my glasses when a crowd surfer made contact with my face. Which is not cool. I really like my glasses.

5. Pan
Flogging Molly fled the stage too quickly and we were left, cold, wet, tired, stumbling through the festival grounds back to the metro. A sea of green (and me in my little red writing hoodie) sleepily slid onto the orange towards Vienna and Jackie played her penny whistle as we headed back to the hotel. This is something I could never do. All too often I care far too much about what people are going to think. My cousin has balls. She dives into mosh pits and chats up boys and plays her penny whistle on crowded subways. A lot of times I wish I was more like her.

6. Jersey
has cheap gas. Everything else blows.

7. St. Paddy’s Day
Back to Long Island, back to work. I thought that perhaps, St. P’s Day being a Tuesday and all, I could let this one slide after our weekend of debauchery but my DNA threatened to unhelix itself (it’s a very ugly and painful process, there are pictures on webmd but I wouldn’t recommend looking it up. you’ll be scarred for life) if I didn’t go to a bar and have a Guinness. Plus, it gave me an excuse to txt a boy. Jax and I went to chilis for dinner while trying to figure out where to go. Two twofers later and we still had no idea. We wound up driving around aimlessly listening to Jason Mraz (because aimlessness is what happens when you leave decision making up to me) before eventually making our way to a supposed pub. Here’s a little tip for you; if you walk into a bar and you are the only people not carded, turn around, this ain’t your scene. We had two beers and got the hell out of dodge. Dodge, in this case, being a bar that serves beer in red solo cups to yuppie 22 year olds. This may sound like a bust, but, well, what’s more Irish than drinking beer and going home disappointed?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Long Way From Home

Sometimes when I’m feeling costive I look to the artistic expressions of others and try to turn them into words. This is what I wrote today:

Long Way From Home

Made for the snow
I did not know
what it meant to burn
until the turn
that brought me here.
Blue water that beats
into brown-gold earth,
green on the ground and
lashing the sky.
So many colors and
none of them mine.

But the sun will teach
my skin to sweat and squeeze
into the color and
shape of this place,
to steal
a cluttered purpose
from dirtsweet flowers
that will fill the empty
sound that used to sing
of endless white and
open, unbroken sky.

Closing my eyes in
the shade of breezy palms
I sleep and
dream of things I understand;
the freeze that made sense
of who I am,
the desert that was
an ocean I could stand on.

my inspriation

Monday, March 2, 2009

it is hard to be a gangsta with a basket on your bike

Sara and Jason live OBNOXIOUSLY far away from me and I really think that they should have taken that into consideration before signing their lease. Humph. Still, I went out into the cold and sucked up the 40 minute drive so I could watch Battlestar Galactica with people who actually get what the frak I’m talking about. Only 3 episodes left and while I appreciate that they are staying true to the integrity of the story and not stretching it out because the cast and crew have a steady gig they want to milk for all it’s worth (though, couldn’t blame them if they did, if I had that gig they would have to forcibly remove me from the lot), I’m just not ready to say goodbye. Somebody is probably going to have to hold me when it’s over. Shhh…shhh…it’s okay… you’ll love again…

I made chocomole, finally, because I love chocolate and avocados and making a mess in the kitchen. The first “attempt” was a farce as the avocados I had bought on Monday had rotted by Wednesday. Epic fail, avocados, epic fail. But Friday came with 3 new avocados and as the dates were already mashed I wasted no time throwing ingredients into the Kitchen Aid. Which brings me to today’s lesson, if you’re going to throw avocado halves into a food processor you should make sure the bowl is big enough to prevent the halves from flying out at you. All in all though, it was a pretty successful endeavor. I think, perhaps, less dates next time. Jason Mraz must have HUGE avocados. I say this because the 20 dates he indicated were just too much for my little green friends, and, cuz it sounds kinda dirty. I still enjoyed it, which is a good thing because no one else in this house is going to touch that crazy-raw-vegan-shit in the fridge. Especially since it kinda looks like poo. Though, I did get my dad to eat vegan lasagna a little while back. He knew what it was and still ate it. I gave myself a gold star.

Over on Facebook there’s this 15 albums thing going around and I’m pretty well diggin it. I love finding out that friends like the same obscure band that I thought no one else knew about or how a girl I kinda knew in high school has awesome taste that almost parallels mine. I like the discussions it’s been starting. Also, it’s been making me want to do nothing but listen to music 24/7, which is going to cause some problems since I have to go to work tomorrow ☹ So, anyway, here’s mine:

Think of 15 albums, CDs, LPs (if you're over 40) that had such a profound effect on you they changed your life. Dug into your soul. Music that brought you to life when you heard it. Royally affected you, kicked you in the wazoo, literally socked you in the gut, is what I mean. Then when you finish, tag 15 others, including moi. Make sure you copy and paste this part so they know the drill. Get the idea now? Good. Tag, you're it!

ok. so right now, these are the 15 but in ten minutes time i'm sure i'm going to think of another 5 and be pretty well pissed.

1. The Queen is Dead- The Smiths
2. The Boy with the Arab Strap- Belle and Sebastian
3. Electric Warrior- T. Rex
4. Bandwagonesque- Teenage Fanclub
5. Sunshine on Leith- The Proclaimers
6. Either/Or- Elliot Smith
7. Crosby Stills and Nash- CS&N
8. Treasure- Cocteau Twins
9. Ladies of the Canyon- Joni Mitchell
10. Hounds of Love- Kate Bush
11. IV- Led Zeppelin
12. Absolution- Muse
13. Pink Moon- Nick Drake
14. Slanted & Enchanted- Pavement
15. Monk's Blues- Thelonious Monk



I love snow. Love, love, love, love, love. I love walking in it. I love driving in it. I love looking out at it through the window. I love lying down in it and making snow angels. I love balling it in my fists and throwing it at my friends and family. I love tilting my head to the sky and letting it land on my tongue. I love the way it rests on tree branches and coats your hair. I love how it makes the world a little less loud and a little more beautiful. I love how by trapping us, it sets us free. I even love the brown sludge of the following days because it reminds me of the beauty that was. Love, love, love, love, love.