Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Long Way From Home

Sometimes when I’m feeling costive I look to the artistic expressions of others and try to turn them into words. This is what I wrote today:

Long Way From Home

Made for the snow
I did not know
what it meant to burn
until the turn
that brought me here.
Blue water that beats
into brown-gold earth,
green on the ground and
lashing the sky.
So many colors and
none of them mine.

But the sun will teach
my skin to sweat and squeeze
into the color and
shape of this place,
to steal
a cluttered purpose
from dirtsweet flowers
that will fill the empty
sound that used to sing
of endless white and
open, unbroken sky.

Closing my eyes in
the shade of breezy palms
I sleep and
dream of things I understand;
the freeze that made sense
of who I am,
the desert that was
an ocean I could stand on.

my inspriation


  1. This is a beautiful poem! Glad that my painting was an inspiration to someone, and it's even more awesome to see that someone "gets" what it's about!

  2. :-) i am so glad you like it! i was nervous! :-)