Saturday, April 25, 2009

smoke gets in your eyes

I’m not usually a smoke alone kind of girl but my cat is dying and I have off tomorrow so, I thought, why the hell not? I couldn’t find a lighter so I sat on my back steps lighting match after match from a white book with glossy names and a glossy heart on the cover; Stephen <3 Sara. I don’t know who Stephen and Sara are, when they got married or if I was there, but hteir choice of wedding favor was an essential element in my tea party for one, so, I thank them. I do have a cousin named Stephen. I think he’s married. I’m willing to bet his wife’s name is Sara.

I don’t understand why people are so down on marijuana. Where did that come from? There’s got to be some kind of history. Why is alcohol perfectly acceptable but weed is the devil? How many weed related deaths are there a year? How many angry, violent potheads do you know? How many people OD on grass? Is that even possible?

This is my new life plan:
Write brilliant novel.
Learn Dutch.
Move to Amsterdam.
Ride bikes.
Smoke pot.
Be happy.

Everyone needs a life plan, unless your plan is to not have a plan and to just float around and see where the ebbs and tides take you, but really that’s a type of plan too. I think my life plan is pretty perfect. Contribute to the world, avoid doing harm, be happy with who and where you are. What else is out there to want? If I can do and have that then the love I want will come to me or I will find that it’s not something that I need after all. Either way, I’ll be okay. Either way, I’ll be happy.

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