Sunday, June 21, 2009

I thought you had been planting flowers

New poem. I started this on the plane and finished it in California.

I thought you had been planting flowers

while you were sleeping
I buried you in the grave
I watched you dig for me
(I thought you had been planting flowers).
I shoveled dirt on top of you
in large, angry loads
eager to cover you completely
before you began to inhale the black earth
and the worms came
to eat you like words.

in the silence of years that
stretched around me like
someone else’s house
I liked to imagine that
it had all been buried with you, that
what we had done was biodegradable,
broken down beyond molecules
because even molecules can be mistakes.

but sleeping is not dead
and buried is not gone
and even now after all
the time it took you to
pull yourself through
the dirt into the air,
even after I have
burned over the bruises
and watched myself heal
into something shiny
and strong, and beautiful,
the molecules of my mistakes

1 comment:

  1. WOW!! I absolutely love this poem! You have SUCH strong visuals in your poetry it's really clearly pictured and also very inspiring to someone who is an artist (me!).