Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Woke up this morning feeling pretty blah. Disturbing dreams, the realization that certain relationships are changing, ending, also, my allergies are causing my brain to drip down the back of my throat. It's okay though, that one was pretty rubbish and I needed to grow a new one anyway.

I've been staring at the blank word processor screen of death for a while now trying to figure out something write, all the while just feeling eh. That's when youtube came to the rescue.

Did you see that! When the moma pulled the kitten in for a closer snuggle wasn't that just the cutest thing ever?!?!

That one was great, right? So educational and informative, full of advice on how to volunteer, and oh yeah, JAGUAR KITTIES ARE SO CUTE!!! Just look at that face! Now, I may not suggest running out and getting one of your own but feel free to put this video on loop if you're having a bad day and in need of a cute fix.

I don't know about you but I'm feeling better already.

If this isn't enough cute for you, never fear, Ginger and I are on the job!

Also, if you're a cat lover check out The Teal Cat Project Helping kitties one tchotchke at a time!

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