Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random musings apropos of nothing

I put "write a blog" on my to-do list today and I really like checking things off my to-do list, so, here I am...

Most of the stuff that has been whirling through my head over the past 10 days would probably make for exceptionally good reading, but this isn't the forum for those thoughts just yet so..


I like Starbucks oatmeal. They give you brown sugar and nuts and stuff. And you can get a grande tea and oatmeal for exactly $5. Breakfast of Champions, bitches.

Fleet Foxes make pretty music. I wish I made pretty music. I write pretty words sometimes. Do you write pretty music? Do you want to be my Johnny Marr?

I haven't listening to The Smiths in a while. I need to do that. Also, have you seen that video of David Tennant dancing to "Boy with the thorn in his side"?

Yeah, I just stopped writing to go watch that on youtube. This video is probably my favorite thing in existence. Watching David Tenant lip sync to the Smiths makes me tingly in all my naughty nerdy parts.

doobie doobie doo... I wonder what's going on at twitter right now...

Sometimes twitter makes me feel like I'm back in high school:

There's the popular kids: The celebrities and quasi-celebrities that you have crushes on *cough* @nerdist *cough* and really hope they'll read a tweet and think you're awesome and then they'll follow you on twitter and fall in love with you and you'll have lots of nerdy babies you can teach to speak klingon and what? I mean, um...

And there's the indie/artsy kids: not exactly celebrities but they've got awesome twitter feeds and have lots of followers and they write a groovy blog where they talk about crocheting and leading the revolution from their studio apartment and you just know they smoke clove cigarettes and wouldn't give you the time of day but still you tweet at them thinking maybe you won't embarass yourself and maybe you can become hip by association.

And then there's me, and probably a lot of you, with 28 followers (many of which I know are not real people) I have a day job and a cat. And sometimes I write little pieces of fiction that other people like. Can you stand all that glamour? Every time I tweet at someone I don't really know I kind of feel like I'm asking them to prom.

I'm 30, a "grown-up" who pays her bills on time and has people who love her. So why do I keep signing up for social experiments that make me relive the most awkward and debilitating, humiliating, depressing, moments of my existence?

Why? Lean in and I'll tell you a secret. Deep down underneath all the awkwardness and insecurity and fear, I really do think that I'm cool. Ok, well maybe "cool" isn't the adjective I'm looking for, but you know what I'm damn funny and somewhat entertaining and sometimes i'd even go so far as to say interesting. I have a twitter account because, fuck the adolescent fears that just won't die, I'M AWESOME AND THE WORLD SHOULD KNOW.

Which, I'd wager, is why you have twitter too.

This blog was brought to you by Fleet Foxes, celebrity crushes, writer's block, and caffeine. Yay, caffeine.

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  1. "This blog was brought to you by Fleet Foxes, celebrity crushes, writer's block, and caffeine. Yay, caffeine." We are amused.

    So basically twitter is there for us to show off our inner awesomeness? Interesting. Think I might agree.