Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm so lazy I'm not even going to bother coming up with a title

The day started off well. I went to the gym. I did some laundry and went to the grocery store and baked rhubarb oat bars with the rhubarb from last week’s CSA box. Then I sat down to watch maybe 20 mins of TV while I ate lunch, just relax a little before getting to work on everything else. Just Like Heaven was on. I’d never seen it, I like Mark Ruffalo, I figured I could stand half an hour of it. Four hours later I was still on the couch. That’s where I’m writing from now, actually.

I did have a plan for what I was going to blog about today. But it never got past the planning stage to research and development as I had been swallowed by a romantic comedy vortex. And they weren’t even particularly good romantic comedies. I sacrificed my day to the god of mediocre romance. Not exactly who I planning on worshiping.

It is Sunday though, so I have decided to cut myself some slack. I mean, I did go to the gym where I took a teeny tiny little baby step towards my goals of running a 5k (I can do 5k no prob, it’s the running part that’s going to take a bit of work) and doing a pull up (I am so far from that it’s not even on the horizon, but at least I’m moving forward). I also tried a new recipe today. And I AM blogging. Yeah, maybe this is filler and not what I had planned to post, but it is something to post. And really that’s the only requirement.

Plus, I was out late last night at a Jonathan Coulton concert so if you think about it I actually did pretty well for myself- that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I didn’t show up with much this week, but I showed up.

And the rhubarb oat bars are delicious.

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