Thirty One Things

I made this list almost 3 years ago, when I turned 31. The plan was to accomplish all of them in a year. Life happened, accomplishment of the list did not. It is embarassing. The "MUST BE PERFECT ALL OF THE TIME!!!" voice in my head is telling me to delete this page and hide my shame. But, you know what? It's a good list. I like this list. I like the things that I have done and there are things on here that I still want to do. So, I am leaving it here. Yes, it is a testament to laziness, failure, and setting unreasonably high expectations for myself. But it's also a testament to adventure and discovery and continually striving to become the best version of myself in the face of repeated failures and attacks of laziness.

1. Finish first draft of novel
2. Complete a 5k
3. Learn to play a song on guitar
4. Move into my own place
5. Blog every week
6. Sew a skirt
7. Crochet something funky
8. Brew my own beer
9. Learn how to knit
10. Take a glass blowing class
11. Get my 1st tattoo
12. Start a Vlog
13. Write a spec script
14. Travel to a country I've never been (preferably on a new continent)
15. Volunteer 31 hours
16. Play Wow
17. Perform 31 random acts of kindness
18. Write 31 thank you letters
19. Make a piece of jewelry
20. Learn a martial art
21. Photograph an entire day
22. Take a dance class
23. Read The Little Prince in French
24. Do a pull up
25. Go on a bike tour
26. Take a flying lesson
27. Road trip!
28. Try 31 new recipes
29. Declutter and donate
30. Learn CPR
31. Go to the opera

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