Thirty One Things

31 Things to do in my 31st year-in no particular order (and yes, I know that technically this is my 32nd year since turning 31 means that I have 31 years behind me, but shut up)

1. Finish first draft of novel
2. Run a 5k
3. Learn to play a song on guitar
4. Move into my own place
5. Blog every week
6. Sew a skirt
7. Crochet something funky
8. Brew my own beer
9. Learn how to knit
10. Take a glass blowing class
11. Get my 1st tattoo
12. Start a Vlog
13. Write a spec script
14. Travel to a country I've never been (preferably on a new continent)
15. Volunteer 31 hours
16. Play Wow
17. Perform 31 random acts of kindness
18. Write 31 thank you letters
19. Make a piece of jewelry
20. Learn a martial art
21. Photograph an entire day
22. Take a dance class
23. Read The Little Prince in French
24. Do a pull up
25. Go on a bike tour
26. Take a flying lesson
27. Road trip!
28. Try 31 new recipes
29. Declutter and donate
30. Learn CPR
31. Go to the opera

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